the dulle griet: ghent, belgium.

the super canon.

When I was searching up things to see in Ghent, Belgium I stumbled across this super canon that sounded really cool, and was something really historic that I thought would be really interesting. The day we were in Ghent happened to be a rainy day, so after camping out in Primark and doing a little shopping for about an hour and a half, and taking a lunch break, my friend lead us to the spot where the canon was at, which happened to be super close. Also that day, the sewer lines were getting cleaned so it smelled rancid all the way up and down the street, so we were already dreading visiting the canon with that smell all around us. When we finally got to the canon I was really surprised by how it was just sitting there behind a little rope barrier, with a little sig displaying what it was near the corner of a street. I wasn’t expecting it to be extravagantly displayed, but I didn’t think it would be located in the place it was. The canon was the biggest one during it’s time, and it is actually just the barrel of the canon, there wasn’t a ‘stand’ with it. In the end, it was something cool to see, but I wouldn’t necessarily go out of your way to see it, especially if you don’t think it would be of interest to you.


quick facts about the cannon:

it weighs 12,500 kilograms.

wikipedia says that the cannon was fired, while the plaque that was apparently near the canon says it never was.

the canon was made for a ship, but it weighted too much.

it is a representation of the spanish war.


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