settling back in.

a new perspective.

Settling back in after exchange is never easy, especially when you’ve learned and matured in more ways than over half of your peers will in the many years to come. It’s hard being gone for a year and then to just be thrown back into the mix of it- of all of the friendships that have changed and all of the drama that seems to go in a never ending loop. Nothing stopped while I was gone, and I couldn’t tell you how many times a day I hear the sentence “Oh, so much happened while you were gone,” as if people don’t think I know that already. The past almost four weeks at school have been a start in the right direction in terms of going back to life as normal, but you don’t just go back home exactly how you left. Stuff has changed, people have changed and most importantly you have changed. You have a new perspective. Maybe it’s of the world, of how you view certain actions or saying.  The people you had been friends with before may not be the people for you anymore. But, don’t forget that people aren’t going to understand- you’ve been to places they can only imagine and it’s hard to explain to someone something when they are blinded. You’ll find your footing eventually, maybe not when you expect to or need to, but you’ll make everything work in the end; new perspectives are good.

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