eleanor roosevelt.

important words to remember.

“Do what you feel in your heart to be right- for you’ll be criticized anyway.” 

I stumbled across this quote last night on Pinterest, where I was searching for new quotes and pictures ideas. This is something I have tried to live by for the last couple months, and this quote pretty much summarizes all of my thoughts into one little quote by one lady that holds so much power and importance and wisdom. If there is one thing that I could bestow onto all of you is that you need to do things that you want to do, because no matter what you do you’ll always be criticized. It is better to be happy and doing things you want to be doing when you’re being criticized than to be doing something that doesn’t make you happen and be criticized for it. People now always feels pressured to follow trends set on Instagram, have the perfect eyebrows and makeup all the time, but if you’re doing all of these things, are you really happy? I found myself doing so many things just to fit in more, but in reality I didn’t need to do those things to fit it at all, I was already fitting in by being myself. Remember these words when you find yourself in a position trying to decide over being yourself or being something else to protect yourself. Everyday is a new day, so treat each day as such.

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