one brand spotlight: pura vida.

I stumbled across Pura Vida a couple of months ago when I saw an ad for them on Instagram. It caught my attention because they were advertising for a wave ring, something I was interested in for years and especially in the weeks before, and they had a really good coupon going on for the ring, which I have worn for practically everyday since I purchased it.

Pura Vida was created to help artisans around the world maintain full time jobs while giving back globally. It was started in 2010 by a few college students after a trip to Costa Rica. They began to sell bracelets that they had found via two local Costa Rican artisans back in their home of Southern California and found the significance that these bracelets could have. They started their business, and have partnered with over 190 organizations, donating over $1,500,000 to charities.

Here are some of my favorite things from Pura Vida, that hopefully you like too. They include a cloth sack for every item you purchase, stickers with the order and for orders $25+ you also receive free global shipping. Their orders always ship super fast.

  1. the wave ring

comes in silver, gold and rose gold. $12

Silver Wave Ring

2. midnight thunder.


Original - Midnight Thunder

3. orange crush makeup bag.


4. silver three bead sage green.

I own this one too, and I wear it everyday! $8

5. lgbt pride awareness braided.


LGBT Pride Awareness Braided

6. seed bead whitewash.


Seed Bead Whitewash

7. gold sunflower sunflower child.


Gold Sunflower Sunflower Child





I would also like to note that they have a monthly subscription that is $15 where you receive 3 bracelets with up to a $50 value to them. I have gotten this for the past two months and love it because you get such a good deal for three bracelets! Subscribe here.

Pura Vida Monthly Club    Pura Vida Monthly Club


Theres hundreds upon hundreds of options of bracelets, and they all have different meanings and charities attached to them. Don’t forget to check out their website at to see all of them, and always check to see if there is a coupon code, because there is always some type of deal going on!

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